Day 6


It was an early start this morning, on the road at 6 am. Light enough to find my way but only just. Tried not to wake the neighbourhood which was a challenge as the chorus of dogs followed my progress!

I had psyched myself up for today. Not only to complete the longest stage at 23 kms but to finish off the  previous section at 3.8 kms. Not long by Camino standards but hard work in the wind and there was a hill in the mix.

Made great progress during the early morning picking of the kms rapidly. The track then moved inland up over a hill before heading back to the coast. Bracing myself for the climb I headed away from the coast. The hill never came and before I knew it I was back on the coast! They must have changed the track from the one in the guidebook. The plan had been to finish around 2 pm . Instead it was over by 12. A little anti climatic. I did consider walking some of the next section but psychologically the goal was to finish here and physically I was done walking with a stiff breeze.

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