Day 4


The day began with a sea mist engulfing the island. It gave things an eerie appearance.
The trail around Udo is only 11 kms
but I was still surprised how quickly the hike went even with the climb up to the lighthouse. I was determined to complete the trail before the tourists engulfed the place and especially driving like
maniacs in the electric cars. They were just getting underway as I arrived at the post ready to leave.

So I was back on Jeju by 11am, time to get another trail done. Apart from
some climbing in the early stages of the trail it was pretty flat. That sounds easy but I was pretty haggard by the time I finished for the day. The last 6 kms was following the coastal road and a strong off shore breeze had developed so it was pretty hard going.
After getting my hotel sorted it was time to find food – hamburger and chips as I am a woos when it comes to try exotic foods.
A stroll up to the ticket office at the base of Sunrise mountain to see if it is worth the climb. The ticket lady said it opens at 7pm ( 30 minutes after the sun rises) and it is likely to be cloudy. Convinced myself that I didn’t need to do it, bad for my knees and had no place to put my pack while climbed. Not sure it I “sold it.!”

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