Day 3


The comment has often been made that walking allows you time to think and reflect. I think that was more the case on the Camino than in this walk. In the Camino there were long stretches of sameness so you could put in mind in neutral or venture into the conscious. Not here. You have to be alert the whole time, whether it is to watch where your next step is going to land or missing a marker or stamp station – which I did and had to back track.

The terrain here is varied and can change suddenly. The Olle Foundation, who setup and maintains the walk have made a real effort to keep away from busy roads and allow you to see hidden gems. There was a lot of walking on basalt rock today – care was needed.

Today’s stage was a shorter one so only took to 1 pm to complete. My goal was to finish it and then do some of the next section. With the first stage completed I discovered the next stage was closed as a case of bird flu had been discovered last year. There was a sign asking walkers not to attempt it. That was when I met my new best friend Wayne.

To be sure the sign was not out of date I rang the Olle Trail HQ and was put onto Wayne. Yes, the trail was still closed. He was incredibly helpful gaving me the details to catch the bus to skip the section as wellas  his personal mobile number if I had any problems!

I ended up travelling to the port of Seongsun-Po and catching a ferry to the island of Udo situated 3-4 kms off the coast of Jeju. There is a walking section around Udo as part of the Olle Trail. This island is very popular with Koreans So the ferry was packed. Udo is only 11 kms to circumnavigate. As you can see there are a variety of modes of transport to get around. I was tempted but it just wouldn’t be right not to walk.

Finished the day watching the sunset. Tomorrow morning I will walk Udo then head back to Jeju. Another great day.

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