Day 2

Trail 20 today which continues up the north west coast of the island. I was thinking that the urban sprawl would gradually disappear but it seems to go on forever. Thankfully the trail avoids commercial areas sticking to the coast then venturing into some forest and winding through farmland. In total I would have walked beside a busy road for about 10 minutes only.

Today I met a fellow hiker, Tong-il Lee.  Our paths crossed on numerous ocassions. Through broken English and Korean at least learned each other’s names. He was walking at a much slower pace but seemed to keep in touch. At the end I shared one of my buns with some cheese. The bun ended up having cream inside. We were both too tired to care.

I came across some monuments erected in memory of the women divers Jeju is famous for and for an extra bonus I spotted them working close to where the trail ended. They were heading for the shore so I moved closer to get a better shot. Ended up helping them haul their net bags onto shore and then helping to hoist them onto their backs. They are not getting any younger and the bags full of shellfish and octopus were very heavy.

Gimyeong Beach has beautiful fine white sand. A great backdrop for wedding photos. I saw five couples and their photographers on the beach at the same time and it is a Monday! In Korea the photographs are often taken before the wedding.


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