Day 1


In Camino terms it was not very far today but it ended up being a long one.

It took awhile to find the starting point. Thankfully a young lady was able to find it tucked away in a back street.

A bit of climbing today but the effort was worth it for the views. The things that got me were the paths, asphalt and basalt rock. Jeju is a volcanic island so the people here have carved out a life amongst the volcanic rock.  The beauty of the island is the contrast between the bleak grey rock and the colour of the houses and fauna.

My initial plan was to push on and do 6kms of the next section but that felt like too much. Anyway I am not in a hurry.

Ended up in a lovely guesthouse where I am the only occupant. It has a comfortable bed and more importantly a hot shower – the simple needs of the Camino coming through.

For dinner tonight I could have caught the bus into Jeju City from where I started as there are not many restaurants around here but I did venture to a local establishment and ordered something I had no idea what it was. Ended up pretty good.

Love the photo of the guy on the poster plastered on the side of the building and also to have him in person standing on the street corner waving and bowing to all the cars. Would make politics in New Zealand interesting!



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